May 31, 2016

About Us

Who we are

English Castle is an Educational Institution, committed with a high level of Excellence in education as well as human virtues.

On February 2006 we started offering our education services under the name English Castle. For our first years we worked as a center for extracurricular activities where we taught English as a second language. In 2008 we incorporated painting and handcraft courses. English Castle kept growing and as a result we added a psychological help clinic and tutoring in diverse school subjects. Later on we incorporated courses on early stimulation of children, chess, and musical instruments. In July 2012 we opened our 100% English speaking nursery and those same kids and parents who believed in us since the start were the ones who motivated us to take the following step, and as a result in September 2013 we had in our hands the permission to operate as a Kindergarten, School, and High-School. In February 2014 we opened the doors of our own campus, opening a new grade each year until we can offer the complete academic process.